Thursday, July 15, 2010

Victoria Hruska in New Documentary on Braddock

Back in May, we told you about Victoria Hruska's contribution to a documentary series on her beloved city of Braddock. Well, here's the first episode, and in it we get to see Victoria's home and hear a few of her wise words. Take a look!

We Are All Workers tells the story of Braddock then and now (with emphasis in the now), and includes the voice of native residents and a new generation of urban pioneers, led by Mayor John Fetterman, who are intent on bringing the city back. The film, produced in collaboration with Sundance and IFC, is part of a campaign by garment giant Levi's, who sponsored several city projects.

A favorite of the Little Flea community, Victoria will be joining us again this Saturday. Come meet her and get your hands on some of her wonderful eco-friendly creations.

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