Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Saturday at the Little Flea Cultural Corner

Little Flea is back at it again! Here's the Cultural Corner line-up for Saturday, July 10. You're all invited to come enjoy and support some great local talent.

12 p.m. - April Louise Childers
April Louise Childers is a violinist, born and raised in Wheeling, WV. She has played with several orchestras and is currently a member of the Washington Symphony Orchestra in Washington, PA.

In addition to performing classical music with the WSO and as a solo artist, she recently began experimenting with an electric violin and is now performing a variety of other genres including soft rock, pop, jazz, gospel, and Christian contemporary. This has proved to be an exciting venture and has broadened her musical repertoire immensely. Audiences become instant fans of the haunting sound of this relatively obscure instrument. While the delicate sound of the violin has endured as a favorite in classical music for centuries, the combination of the electric violin and modern songs add a sense of freshness and innovation which allows present-day audiences to thoroughly enjoy songs they know and fall in love with the sound of the violin anew.
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1 p.m. - Uke and Tuba
Uke & Tuba are Pittsburgh's finest ukulele/tuba duo (with dancers). And they openly welcome all challengers to this title. Uke & Tuba have performed their trademark blend of cabaret, performance art and punk rock everywhere from rock shows to a library, from house parties to Andy Warhol's grave, and from a wedding to a Girl Scouts day camp. They look forward to adding "flea market" to their long list of venues played (their last two attempts were rained out).

July 10 @ 3 pm: Flea Market Spectacular at Future Tenant
July 16 @ 10 pm: Beaver Valley Bowl w/The Cellar Dwellers (Rochester, PA.)

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