Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Saturday at Little Flea: Featured Vendors

Each week we feature a small selection of our great vendors. Here's a sneak peek at who and what will be waiting for you this Saturday at Little Flea.

Lawrenceville resident Susan Banahasky returns this week with her great collection of household goods, antiques and collectibles.

Green Circle Farm had a fantastic reception on their first appearance at the market last week. This week, farmer Erika Peterson will be bringing organic chicken and beef -- and organic produce from Clarion River Organics! (Green Circle Farm produces naturally pastured, soy-free, GMO-free, uncertified organic meats and eggs.)

A favorite with shoppers, Prosper Ayimbota will have on display his own handmade Ghanaian djembe drums, masks and woodcarvings. His pieces were crafted at his workshop at the National Culture Center in Accra, Ghana.

Meet Shernise Allen who will have several of her beautiful, whimsical fused glass artwork and jewelry. "If you look at my work and smile or giggle, you have caught my dual message. There is always beauty to be found in life; and we should keep our sense of humor." More on Shernise and her work next week.

Lawrenceville-native Tina Wiktorzewski manages her always popular stall where she sells authentic, handmade Peruvian jewelry and accessories.

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