Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where Did That Naughty Little Flea Go?

Though it still lays quite dormant, Little Flea is stirring, dreaming up new adventures for the upcoming flea market season. Soon enough the warmer weather will wake us all, so it's time for us to gear up for some flea fun on Butler St. We've already begun work behind the scenes. Teaser: there will be a few significant improvements that will make this season's Little Flea better than the last. Look for details in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, go on and listen to Miriam Makeba sing our adopted anthem and dream of springtime, but not for too long -- you should also start some serious prepping, especially if you're planning to become a vendor. We'll start recruitment pretty soon and will be looking for dedicated and creative entrepreneurs to join last year's "pioneers". Want to get a head-start? Pre-register right now: request an application at lawrencevillelittleflea [at] gmail.com and submit it to us asap (new online form coming soon).

Despite having an awesome first-run last year, Little Flea wants to be better. This time around, we'll have many more months at our disposal, enough to transition from being the "best pop-up flea market" in Pittsburgh to becoming a mainstay in the community, as a catalyst for local entrepreneurs and a great spot for Lawrencevilleans to hang out. Come join us!

Little Flea to kick off in late March/early April.