Friday, July 9, 2010

This Saturday at Little Flea: Green Circle Farm

This week, we are proud and excited to welcome to the market our first farm! Green Circle Farm produces naturally pastured, soy-free, GMO-free, uncertified organic meats and eggs. Their animals are raised without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or herbicides. Hey, remember healthy animals make healthy food!

It's local, of course! Green Circle Farm raises pastured poultry at Mickley Organic Farms in Volant, PA, near Slippery Rock and raises 100% grass-fed beef at Willow Springs Farm, under the Green Circle Farm label.

So what will be on hand this week? On this occasion, the farm will be bringing you fresh chicken and frozen beef, pork, and lamb.

Come meet farmer Erika Peterson who will be happy to answer any questions at all about how or where the foods she sells were raised, fed, grown, or produced.

Every week, Green Circle Farm delivers its local farm products to select locations in Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh area -- and now you can also find them at Little Flea!

More farmers coming soon.

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