Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Victoria!

We take the time to celebrate the birthday of artist Victoria Hruska who turns 89 today. A favorite of Little Flea, Victoria joined our market since its very modest beginnings last season, sharing every Saturday her incredible, highly intricate work (made mostly of recycled materials) with our community. We are truly lucky to have her!

In the past year, Victoria has received considerable attention from newspapers and magazines, largely due to the remarkable installation she created with Latoya Frazier at the Mattress Factory Museum, titled 1921 Braddock Summoning 1982 (see photo above). The Braddock native is a prolific, lively artist who has been creating works most of her life without much recognition. But apparently her time has come to show a wider audience the fruits of her labor, thanks in part to Braddock Mayor John Fetterman who has been championing her and her work. Last week, she told us that a crew from the Independent Film Channel had spent a couple of weeks over at her home (a veritable work of art in itself) conducting interviews and filming. IFC is producing a documentary featuring our own Victoria Hruska that will air in September 2010.

Come meet Victoria Hruska at Little Flea, talk a bit and buy her creations. Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!

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