Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Community Looks Like: June + July FleaScene

Little Flea season is well under way. Each Saturday unravels fascinating stories concocted by neighbors, artists and vendors as we mingle together for short moments or hours. Stories you just have to experience for yourself. The story of stuff -- too complex to tell straight in this medium. The last few weeks we've seen sweltering days, rainy days, and quite comfortable, balmy days. We've seen a disco ball (purchased at the market) rolling down Butler St. and witnessed an enormous, magical swarm of bees, swoop down on us, exiting as elegantly and swiftly as it had appeared. We've welcomed new vendors who were once visitors and visitors who'd just the week before were vendors, who sold out of stuff to sell but just can't stay away. We've listened to music as diverse as our neighborhood, played by astonishingly talented people who just feel like sharing it with the community. Can't say we're not enjoying ourselves. Come visit and stay awhile.

The following are a few snapshots from the last few weeks. For more, check out the photo album for a brief look at the latest editions of Little Flea.

At Chris's spot, the infamous disco ball before it was rolled away by it's new owner.

Alex Lindsay Roth. Remember that name. This 13 year-old left everyone stunned with her unbelievable voice and repertoire. Listening to her sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah was truly memorable.

Ken, a glass expert and collector, taking a break at his tent.

Paper art and cards by Kathryn Carr of Go Carr Go. 

Werner painstakingly assembles a paper vessel from one of his awesome, authentic 1960's German kits.

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