Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Saturday at the Little Flea Cultural Corner: Istvan Medgyesi

1 pm - Istvan Medgyesi

Istvan is a Do-It-Yourself multi-instrumentalist /singer /songwriter/performer who loves to play music for the sake of playing music. When not playing, he's involved with environmental sustainability and various social justice and outreach programs.
His act incorporates a wide variety of musical styles on various instruments. You’ll hear traces of American roots music, Caribbean, Eastern European, and Indian influences, as well as different folk styles played on guitar, banjo, auto-harp, and sitar.

Aug 28 2010 7:00pm. Beck Cafe, Lakewood, Ohio
Sep 10 2010 5:00pm. American Folk Art Museum, NYC

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food Access: Green Circle Farm and Ola Appetit

Here are this week's lists from our quality foods providers: Green Circle Farm and Ola Appetit. What do these folks have in common? A love of food, a passion for the craft, and dedication to sustainable practices. It's all good!

Green Circle Farm

This week's goodies:
  • Organic, pastured beef (soy-free, GMO-free)
  • Certified organic tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, melons, beans, onions, cucumbers, squash, cabbage

Green Circle Farm produces naturally pastured, soy-free, GMO-free, uncertified organic meats and eggs. Certified organic produce comes to you from Clarion River Organics farm.

Ola Appetit 

This week, Olafemi is bringing us a Mardi Gras / New Orleans inspired menu

  • Vegan and traditional Jambalaya w/ sweet corn bread
  • Deep dish peach cobbler
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade
  • Homemade peanut brittle

Ola Appetit (Yoruba for "love" and French for "appetite") offers expertly prepared, artistically presented, ethnic foods. The catering company is headed by Olafemi Mandley whose inspiration is the love of food and the sharing of food. Food is served in biodegradable containers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Victoria Hruska in New Braddock Documentary, Part 2

A follow-up to a post published in July in which we shared with you news of Victoria Hruska's appearance in a documentary series on her beloved city of Braddock. Episode 3, titled "Old Timers", takes us into Victoria's beautiful home where we get to see her workspace and hear a few of her wise words. Take a look! (Find to Victoria, starting at 3:04)

We Are All Workers tells the story of Braddock then and now (with emphasis in the now), and includes the voice of native residents and a new generation of urban pioneers, led by Mayor John Fetterman, who are intent on bringing the city back. The film, produced in collaboration with Sundance and IFC, is part of a campaign by garment giant Levi's, who sponsored several city projects.

A favorite of the Little Flea community, Victoria will be joining us again this Saturday. Come meet her and get your hands on some of her wonderful eco-friendly creations.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This Saturday at the Little Flea Cultural Corner: Uncle Eddie and Robin

1 p.m. -- Uncle Eddie and Robin

We are proud to welcome to the market Uncle Eddie and Robin, a dynamic musical duo from West Virgina with a taste of the old and a flair for the new. Rooted in the folk music traditions of the Appalachian region, this husband and wife team delivers their stunning vocals and tight harmonies on songs that pack a punch. Their musical chemistry is undeniable and their sound is unmistakable.

Ed “Uncle Eddie” Mahonen -- “banjo player, raconteur, and all around Old Dude” -- is an icon in the Appalachian music scene. His wildly imaginative banjo playing, silky vocals, and intelligent, witty songwriting make him a joy to listen to. His style incorporates elements of bluegrass and folk, which he has shaped into a unique and original blend which he terms, “plunk rock”. Robin brings her born and bred talent as a jazz musician and her deep understanding of pathos and the human condition to her every note she sings

Come see them perform traditional songs, originals, and a variety of music taken from select genres, including jazz, punk rock, classic rock, country, and others.


Aug 14 2010 9:00P Mountain State Brewing, Thomas, WV
Aug 21 2010 6:00P First Annual Sunshine Festival-Camp Copperhead-Middlebourne, West Virginia
Aug 28 2010 6:30P The Wheeling Jamboree - Brush Run Park St. Clairsville, OHIO

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little Flea Turns 1 This Weekend

This Saturday marks the 1-year anniversary of Little Flea. Thanks to the support of Lawrenceville residents and visitors, what began as a happening orchestrated by no more than eight vendors (see image below), has slowly turned into a weekly neighborhood marketplace "featuring a rotating variety of flea, craft, food and cultural entertainment."


The first edition of the Little Flea achieved its main purpose - and then some. This past Saturday, a group of intrepid vendors - the pioneers - set out to spend the day in a sun-drenched parking lot at the corner of 36th and Butler determined to sell their individual collections of stuff (for a lack of a better word) and have a good time while at it. -- From an August 2009 blog post.


Today Little Flea is still a fledgling market, each week trying to become better at we do and better known to our community. What do we do exactly? Well, the market is known for its quality goods and quality people, a space made to fit and reflect our eclectic, diverse neighborhood.

Little Flea hopes to contribute to the sustainability of our community by providing a space for local vendors, artists, and neighbors to gather and share, as well as to serve as a modest economic catalyst for entrepreneurs and our growing business district at large. Environmental sustainability is also at the core of the flea market, as it actively engages in the recycling of goods and attracts vendors who, in one way or another, trade environmentally-friendly goods or use repurposed materials for their products. In fact, the 2010 season is dedicated to "the story of stuff", a call to reflect on the deeply impacting relationship we all share with the things we consume.

Istvan Medgyesi plays the Little Flea Cultural Corner

This year also saw the introduction of the Cultural Corner and Community Table, two great additions that have significantly transformed the flea market into what some have described as a kind of neighborhood square.

Here's a quick look back at the first Little Flea through the eyes of Pittsburgh filmmaker and Little Flea vendor, Carl Cimini. The video features happy shoppers, some kickass flea finds, and a few of the first crop of pioneer vendors who have now become familiar faces. Soundtrack "provided" by the inimitable Miriam Makeba, singing our adopted anthem - "The Naughty Little Flea". Carl captured what we all know the Little Flea to be: a little place to experience community - where you can chat at length, make new friends or meet old ones, trade or buy (un)wanted treasures - and it is also an invitation to (re)discover what the rest of our dear neighborhood has to offer - not only the shops but the residents who make Lawrenceville a great place to visit and live. -- From an August 2009 blog post.
Thank you all for making Little Flea a better market. The 2010 season ain't over yet, so come on out and share with us. We hope to see you this Saturday!

P.S. Carl Cimini is regular vendor at the market, where he sells Pasta Domenica, his own artisanal brand of authentic Italian pasta.