Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Saturday at Little Flea: Tanya's Photo Caravan

After crisscrossing North America on a shoestring budget (staying at artist colonies and on friend’s couches), Swiss-Australian photographer and videographer Tanya Stadelmann landed in Lawrenceville almost two years ago.

Inspired by Pittsburgh, she photographs its streetscapes, old factories and other cultural treasures such as the Monroeville Zombie Walk. Tanya sells handmade greeting cards featuring her recent photo work, including her North American odyssey.

Also on sale are her photo-bags and recycled denim purses.

Joining her is local writer M.S. Reagan (selling poetry inscribed on found and unusual objects) and Australian musician and composer Nicole Skeltys (selling CDs by The Jilted Brides featuring Tanya as a vocalist).

In addition to flea marketing the trio also works together as a video
production team and have recently produced promotional films for both Pittsburgh Citiparks and the Pittsburgh Glass Center. They look
forward to meeting more people from the neighborhood.

Links to view some of Tanya's video work:

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