Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Flea Off to a Great Start

The first edition of the Little Flea achieved its main purpose - and then some. This past Saturday, a group of intrepid vendors - the pioneers - set out to spend the day in a sun-drenched parking lot at the corner of 36th and Butler determined to sell their individual collections of stuff (for a lack of a better word) and have a good time while at it.
But it wasn't just stuff on hand and the vendors weren't the only ones having fun. Braddock artist Victoria Hruska brought a generous offering of her Victorian beadwork and recycled art, which caught the eye of just about everyone visiting the Little Flea or just walking by (see photo above).
Ultimately, you can't call it a flea market if there's isn't random but useful stuff available. From vintage clothing to hard-to-come-by collectibles such as early Cold War-era globes, and camera equipment; from beautifully re-upholstered furniture to housewares straight from the attic. From handcrafted sugar scrubs to the scrumptious sugary treats of the Goodie Truck. The fledgling Little Flea had a little bit of everything you hope for in a flea market. There was also a warm sense of community to it all.

A poorly-conducted, totally unscientific survey revealed that those in attendance, Lawrencevillians and visitors alike, were pleasantly surprised by the "happening" and even more pleased once they learned that the Little Flea will be a regular feature. Satisfied customers and satisfied vendors agree: the Little Flea will live to see another day. And that day is this coming Saturday 15, so plan on making the Little Flea and Lawrenceville part of your Saturday shopping schedule. Hope to see you there!

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