Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blame it on the Rain: Little Flea Cancelled for Saturday, September 26th

This is not a how this Saturday is supposed to look like. Unfortunately the weather isn't collaborating with us this week: reports call for sustained rain most of the day, so we have no choice but to cancel this week's Little Flea.

It's not such bad news. We all need a break after what the G-20 summit has put the city through. Our recommendation: get out there and re-populate the streets. Come to Lawrenceville and help us get those terrifying images out of our collective consciousness, then head over to Bloomfield and live it up Italian-style at Little Italy Days (I gotta get myself some eggplant parm!).

See you next week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Flea Information + Community Desk

So, you took a couple of walks around the market, liked the vibe, got some crazy finds (like the obscure but cute alien head pictured below), and you suddenly feel that this is it - the place you've been looking for all your life. Well, OK, not exactly, but you do see yourself behind a table packed with your own unwanted stuff or, why not, your handmade crafts, chatting the day away with interesting individuals just like yourself. Yeah, I can make it here, you say. I want to do what's right for the planet, so I'll recycle some of my cool stuff here and make some cash in the process. Hmm, but how do I get in the game?

Got questions? Get answers and more at the Little Flea Information and Community Desk. Learn all you need to know about joining the gang - heck, you can even fill out an application right there and then. Also, learn about what's going on in the neighborhood, sign petitions, and take home some community related materials provided by Lawrenceville organizations and groups. See you Saturday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Flea Scene, September 5: Full House, er, Parking Lot

It was a splendid day at Little Flea - the best one yet. The perfect weather made everything possible (a far cry from the calamity of two weeks ago). Our kickass vendors, who were present in record numbers and filling the lot to capacity, used every inch of space at their disposal to show off a truly impressive flea selection. From early on, swarms of new and old visitors descended upon us, quickly setting the market abuzz like never before. And though we didn't have buskers this time around, the relentless chatter and laughter mixed brilliantly to produce a very pleasant, human kind of music. It was also a great day for picture taking, as you would imagine. Here a few (or a lot, depending on your tolerance) that captured Little Flea at its best.

Antiques and collectibles at Connie's space.
Katy's spot chuck-full of cool things - too many to list here.
A new addition: a bookstall! Very popular, which means people are still into reading actual books despite the digital menace. Talking about things under threat, Little Flea and Equita would like to encourage everyone to get involved in the campaign to save Pittsburgh libraries, especially those which are currently facing closings due to budget cuts. OK, PSA done - on to more pictures.
Two artists -- one a shopper, the other a vendor (Penny), and both good friends -- having fun.
Tina's spot is officially an attraction. Seriously.A visitor takes a break from shopping. It's good to be at Little Flea.
Another new addition: vinyl records, courtesy of Chris, who is apparently lost in a book here. And below we have some folks checking out Lynne's collection of household goods.These pictures say it all, don't you think? Don't miss next Saturday. Stop by and help us make it another great day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Press: Little Flea in Post-Gazette

"The Lawrence­ville Little Flea is just that -- a fledgling flea market that began just a few weeks ago. But its potential is great for a number of reasons." So begins the piece in yesterday's Living section of the Post-Gazette, which was accompanied by a photo of our favorite vendor (sorry guys), Braddock artist Victoria Hruska. We're delighted word is spreading about Little Flea beyond our neighborhood. Come one, come all!

More on Victoria: it just so happens that today's Post-Gazette has an article about her current installation at the Mattress Factory. Titled "1921 Braddock Summoning 1982", the installation is a collaboration with artist LaToya Frazier, 27, who was raised in Braddock; the two artists set out to share an intimate story about their city and their own lives, a complex story that spans generations and crosses racial lines. Make an effort to go see this exhibition.

Photo: Lake Fong/Post-Gazette (top); Mattress Factory Art Museum

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Flea Dogs

It's hard to imagine a flea market without the ubiquitous dog either following or leading its owner from stall to stall. Little Flea is no different, so we thought why not make a space for them also on the blog. Here's the first of many to come. Sorry, didn't get his/her name; will make a note to do so next time.