Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Press: Little Flea in Post-Gazette

"The Lawrence­ville Little Flea is just that -- a fledgling flea market that began just a few weeks ago. But its potential is great for a number of reasons." So begins the piece in yesterday's Living section of the Post-Gazette, which was accompanied by a photo of our favorite vendor (sorry guys), Braddock artist Victoria Hruska. We're delighted word is spreading about Little Flea beyond our neighborhood. Come one, come all!

More on Victoria: it just so happens that today's Post-Gazette has an article about her current installation at the Mattress Factory. Titled "1921 Braddock Summoning 1982", the installation is a collaboration with artist LaToya Frazier, 27, who was raised in Braddock; the two artists set out to share an intimate story about their city and their own lives, a complex story that spans generations and crosses racial lines. Make an effort to go see this exhibition.

Photo: Lake Fong/Post-Gazette (top); Mattress Factory Art Museum

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