Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Flea Information + Community Desk

So, you took a couple of walks around the market, liked the vibe, got some crazy finds (like the obscure but cute alien head pictured below), and you suddenly feel that this is it - the place you've been looking for all your life. Well, OK, not exactly, but you do see yourself behind a table packed with your own unwanted stuff or, why not, your handmade crafts, chatting the day away with interesting individuals just like yourself. Yeah, I can make it here, you say. I want to do what's right for the planet, so I'll recycle some of my cool stuff here and make some cash in the process. Hmm, but how do I get in the game?

Got questions? Get answers and more at the Little Flea Information and Community Desk. Learn all you need to know about joining the gang - heck, you can even fill out an application right there and then. Also, learn about what's going on in the neighborhood, sign petitions, and take home some community related materials provided by Lawrenceville organizations and groups. See you Saturday!

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