Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Saturday at the Little Flea Cultural Corner

Awesome line-up this Saturday!

12 p.m. - The New Tourists
Rather than hang back and observe from a distance, The New Tourists approach their forays into the musical universe with enthusiasm, respect, humility and gratitude. With Brian on guitar and banjo, Jeanne on mandolin, Jenny on ukulele and Gary on guitar, The New Tourists mix traditional string band and folk sounds with updated arrangements and social and ecological conscience. Their music is the travelogue of their journey, always changing, full of wonder, and played with fully engaged minds, hands, voices and hearts.

Aug 22 2010 4:00P
Schenley Plaza (under the tent) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan, US
Sep 12 2010 2:00P
Carnegie Library (Quiet Reading Room, Main Branch, 1st floor) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan, US

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1 p.m. - Duo Capriccio
Classical ensemble consisting of violin and keyboard. Repertoire includes music from Vivaldi,
Mozart, Beethoven, and other great composers.

2 p.m. - Mo Nelson
Mo Nelson is an Americana, Alt-country, Acoustic Rock original that is second to none.  With powerful original songs, spirited covers and an upbeat style, it´s easy to see why crowds keep begging for Mo.

Jul 9 2010 8:00P
Patrick’s Pub Moon Township, US

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