Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Saturday at Little Flea: Featured Vendors

Another great edition of Little Flea awaits us this weekend. We've assembled a top-notch group of vendors bringing you enough quality and quantity to dig into for awhile. Here's a sneak peak at who and what's coming this Saturday.

Tugboat Printshop (above) returns for the second week in a row with their original, handmade prints. You can't miss this great opportunity to check out and get your hands on some of the remarkable work of this Lawrenceville-based dynamic duo.

Crafter Shirley McCormick will be on hand with her eco bags made of repurposed fabrics.

Stop by Chris and Nat for funky home decor items and quality household goods in need of a new home. (Need some signage? Chris and Nat are the force behind SignWorks, responsible for most of the awesome signs on Lawrenceville storefronts.)

You will find great deals on fabric and accessories at the T's Upholstery Studio table. Let Brooke (pictured), Marianne, or owner Cindy answer your decor questions -- and be sure to stop by the shop a couple of doors down at 3611 Butler St.

This weekend also coincides with a popular Lawrenceville spring event -- the Blossom Tour. Temps will be more spring-like, a bit colder than what we'd gotten used to, but thankfully no rain. And that's worth underscoring, being an outdoor market and all. No matter, we know nothing will stop you from hanging out in Lawrenceville, no matter what the conditions. See you Saturday!

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